Gude Expert PDU Energy 8311

7/8-πλός metered PDU με ενσωματωμένη μέτρηση φορτίου και παρακολούθηση για δίκτυα TCP/IP.


  • 7 / 8 load outlets (safety socket / IEC C13)
  • Metering of energy and electrical dimensions
  • Residual current monitoring type A (8311-2, 8311-4)
  • Backlit two-line LCD display
  • Interface for optional sensors
  • IPv6-ready
  • SNMPv3, SSL,Telnet, Radius, Modbus TCP

Expert PDU Energy 8311 enables power distribution and metering of electrical appliances through TCP/IP network. There are two energy meters integrated. SNMPv3, SSL, IPv6 and Telnet, Radius and Modbus TCP support are incorporated. The meterd PDU is also available with residual current monitoring type A (RCM).

The Series consists of four versions with 7 or 8 load outlets on the front panel:

8311-1: 7x safety socket type F   8311-2: 7x safety socket type F, RCM
8311-3: 8x IEC C13                     8311-4: 8x IEC C13, RCM

Expert PDU Energy 8311 disposes of two energy meters and allows measuring of various electrical dimensions. A clearly visible and lighted LCD display (two-line) provides all relevant device information. The sensor interface allows monitoring of ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure by plug-and-play available sensors.


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