Gude Expert PDU Energy 8341-Series

Ενσωματωμένος μετρητής με συρτάρι hotswap για 4 μονοφασικά τροφοδοτικά.


  • 4 power supplies IEC C20
  • 4 load outlets IEC C19
  • Hotswap drawer for effortless maintenance
  • Metering of energy and electrical dimensions
  • Residual current monitoring (8341-2)
  • IPv6, SNMPv3, SSL,Telnet, Radius, Modbus TCP
  • 2 interfaces for optional sensors

Expert PDU Energy 8341 Series enables power distribution and energy metering for 4 seperate phases. The front panel disposes of 4 load outlets with IEC C19 connector (16 A). The integrated hotswap drawer allows replacing the processor/power supply unit without hassle. Connected loads benefit from an uninterrupted power supply. SNMPv3, SSL, IPv6 and Telnet, Radius and Modbus TCP support are incorporated. Sensor interfaces allow monitoring of ambient temperature, humidity and air pressure by optional available sensors.

Inline Meter of Expert PDU Energy 8341 Series are available with and without residual current metering type A.


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