Gude Expert Power Sequencer 8112

Αυξημένη λειτουργική αξιοπιστία λόγω διαδοχικής εναλλαγής 6 καταναλωτών.


  • Sequential switching by simply pressing a button
  • Individual configuration of the switching interval
  • Avoid critical inrush currents
  • Effectively reduce electricity costs
  • More safety due to Surge Protection Device (type 3)
  • Minimize noise interference through built-in mains filter
  • Switch up to 6 loads (IEC C13 or Schuko type F)

The Expert Power Sequencer 8112 Series enables automatic switching of up to 6 electrical devices. The series consists of four variants, each with 6 load outputs on the front:

       8112-1: 6x IEC C13
8112-2: 6x IEC C13 with overvoltage protection and mains filter
8112-3: 6x safety sockets type F (CEE 7/3)
8112-4: 6x safety sockets type F (CEE 7/3) with overvoltage protection and mains filter

The consumers connected to the output connectors can be switched on sequentially and switched off in reverse order by an automatic switching routine. The switching sequence is triggered by operating the slide switch on the front of the 19-inch device. The power ports are switched one after the other with a delay of 3 seconds each. This switching time interval can be individually configured for each outlet.

The integrated overvoltage protection type 3 of the Expert Power Sequencer 8112-2 and 8112-4 effectively prevents defects of the PDU and the connected loads. In addition, the mains filter in both power distribution units ensures that interference noises from loudspeakers or audio amplifiers are avoided.


  • Increasing operational reliability by avoiding excessive inrush currents, e.g. in amplifiers, media technology installations and LED walls
  • Saving electricity costs by switching off devices with high standby consumption such as receivers, servers, external hard drives, displays and audio amplifiers
  • Ensuring that critical devices, such as an audio amplifier, are switched on last and switched off first. The typical and unpleasant popping noises, which can also damage loudspeakers and amplifiers, are a thing of the past.
  • The jack connector allows the connection of an external push button and enables the control outside of a 19 inch cabinet


  • AV environments with audio components such as in conference rooms, theater halls, auditoriums and small meeting rooms
  • Installations for display and LED walls
  • IT facilities such as in network and server cabinets (19 inch)
  • AV installations in the smart home sector with amplifiers, loudspeakers and beamers


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